Benefits of Summer Training at Cetpa Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Summer Internship for Engineering Students in Noida, Lucknow, Roorkee. CETPA is a renowned name among Engineering Students and MCA/BCA professionals for providing quality education in the forms of summer, Industrial & Winter training with its strong existence in Delhi NCR, Uttaranchal, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Himachal Pradesh & Uttar Pradesh.

We firmly believe that its Engineers only who can guide the Engineers and with this belief CETPA has formed a group of enthusiastic and well competent engineers, and a unique training methodology which makes CETPA Northern India No-1 Training Company with a bright history of training more than 35,000 engineers and professionals.
Today almost every Engineering & Professional graduate programs in India include Summer Training as an important part of their curriculum, with an objective to enhance the knowledge of the students on different cutting edge technologies which has been important part of respective industry but most of the students always run to obtain a merely certificate and due to this there is serious lack of trained professionals with the desired skill sets to take on the ever increasing demand of an industry.

In order to eradicate this deficiency and creates skilled resources for the IT industry, CETPA Infotech has designed a curriculum for Summer training which incorporates a blending learning approach by integrating classroom, hands on lab exercise and team projects to provides students both the theoretical & practical training needed to build strong IT & technical skills.

Eligibility: MCA/B.E/B-tech/ BCA/B.Sc. (IT) or equivalent.
Training Location: Roorkee, Noida, Lucknow, Dehradun & Chandigarh

Course Duration: 4 weeks, 6 weeks, Summer Training, 6 Months Training, Winter Training

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Technologies: – . C#.NET, ASP.NET, Silver light, Core Java, Advance Java, PHP, C language, Advance PHP, SEO, Linux, Ethical Hacking, CCNA, Networking, Network-Plus, Android, Web Designing & hosting, PCB & Circuit. Designing, VHDL, Verilog HDL, MATLAB, Embedded System (using 8051), Advance Embedded System (using PIC), Advance Embedded System (using ARM), RTOS & Device Driver with Embedded Linux, Robotics (using AVR), PLC & SCADA, CATIA, CREO/Pro-E, AutoCAD,

Why CETPA Infotech?

  • More than 10 years of Experience in technology Training.
  •  A Competent group of 120 dedicated & highly skilled employees with 50 in house Trainers
  •  Bright history of Training more than 65,000 Students and Professional so far.
  •  State-of-the-art 50,000 Sq. ft. Training Infrastructure
  •  5 Training Locations across the globe with all required modern facilities.
  •  Courses mapped with Industry Requirement in order to ensure 100% placement for our students
  •  Strategic tie-ups with Global Technology leaders in order ensure quality training for our students.

For Registration & Enquiry
Call us at Toll Free- Helpline No : 1800-102-4262
0120-3060555, 9212172602, 9258017974
Note: – Limited Seats on first come first serve basis.
Each and every participant will get Summer Training Certificate after successful completion of the training program.

Importance of Industrial Training Program for Students

Engineering is amongst the few professions where creativity and ingenuity matters the most. A successful engineer is therefore a matter of pride and immense sense of satisfaction for the society. But at present times the quality of engineers are degrading. Reason being there had been mushroom growth of engineering colleges in the past and proper practical exposure is not given. There comes the importance of industrial training program.

Nobody can deny or ignore the growing demand of industrial training program day by day. The art of engineering cannot be learnt by rote learning. Engineering is a practical profession which is based on implementation step by step in a logical manner. A keen and analytical mind is required if you aspire to become a successful Engineering professional. The problem with the colleges and institutions are that they are lagging behind the concepts and approaches which are being implemented and adopted in the industry. The course curriculum is designed in an old fashioned manner which is not of much use since it is less practical and more theoretical.

The industrial training program gives you a fantastic exposure with the company’s working environment and style pattern. For the first time they get to know about the real time software applications, programming, installation, configuration, testing, SDLC phases and many more things. In addition they learn about corporate etiquettes, interpersonal skills and professional outlook. Working on projects, again is a very important aspect. The things that are taught during the student life of your Engineering will be implemented while carrying out the project work.

While cracking an interview the first question that is asked by the recruiters is about their industrial training and the project they have done because employers expect the candidates to gather at least basic fundamental knowledge on their respective domains. After recession company hardly invests large amount of capital on the training of the candidates. Their first and foremost requirement is candidates should be able to grasp the technology quickly so that they can learn working on it as early as possible.

The industrial training program helps the students in a much wider scale as they have ample scope to clear their doubts and make their fundamentals strong and clear, interact with industry experienced trainers and lab oriented methodology.

Industrial training program in a nutshell will

  • Boost up your confidence level
  • Make you technically sound and clear your basics
  • Introduce you with Project oriented approach
  • Makes your CV strong enough to attract the potential Recruiters
  • Training with Placement assistance in reputed companies.
  • Guidance from a team of well-qualified, experienced and professional developers, trainers and technocrats.

Summer Training in .NET for IT and CS

Summer Training in .NET for IT and CS — Lucknow

Learn and enhance your technical skills in Microsoft Dot Net  technologies on summer training 2014 that is going to conducted by the Cetpa Infotech Pvt. Ltd. One of the best training institute in Lucknow.

Summer training 2014 in DotNet

During Microsoft Dot NET Training you will

Design and program web and Windows applications using Microsoft Dot NET and Visual Studio

  • Write code using Visual Basic (VB) and C#
  • Leverage Visual Studio for code generation, user interface design, testing and debugging
  • Create asp Dot NET web applications and process Web Forms
  • Build SQL Server databases and access them using ADO Dot NET
  • Writing applications using VB or C# language constructs
  • Programming Windows desktop and console applications
  • Planning and designing applications, classes and uis
  • Leveraging Visual Studio tools for rapid application development
  • Creating ASP Dot NET web applications and processing Web Forms
  • Saving data to SQL Server databases using ADO Dot NET

Summer training 2014 in DotNet-2

This course is a broad introduction to programming using Dot NET. It is designed for those new to programming and others who want an overview of creating applications using Dot NET and Visual Studio.

  • Typical participants include:
  • Aspiring programmers
  • Mainframe programmers
  • Web designers
  • Database and network administrators

Contact Us:

#401 A, 4th Floor,Lekhraj Khazana,

Faizabad Road , Indira Nagar,

Lucknow – 226016

Uttar pradesh

CETPA Toll Free No: 1800-102-4262

Helpline Nos:

Lucknow: 91-9258017974, 0522-6590802

Summer Training in Android

Summer training in android at Lucknow — Lucknow

Android™ is a computing platform designed for use in some smart phones and other devices. This technology , which is owned by Google, Inc., includes an operating system, software, and applications . The operating system is based on Linux®, which provides advanced computer processing. Android™ technology is maintained and continually developed by the Android Open Source Project.

Android™ technology is based on Java® software applications. This technology requires the use of a special software development kit (SDK) to create applications for an Android™ device. The SDK is freely available for download from the internet . For this reason, and because it will work on multiple operating systems , many software developers prefer Android™ technology over that used in other smart phones.

Future of Android Development:

CETPA INFOTECH PVT. LTD. is a ISO certified Company has 12 years of experience in the field of Development, training and consultancy .
learn Android Technology by registering in one of our training program:Summer Training in Android System

  • Summer Training 2014,
  • 6 Months training,
  • 4 weeks Training,
  • 6 weeks Training and
  • Industrial Training

CETPA infotech in Lucknow provide the training on Android. Through this course students create more applications for smartphone users. In a present time, almost 90% peoples use a smartphone. Craze of android are highly increased. More jobs are available in android to create applications.
So, those students who have interest in Android can join us CETPA info tech pvt ltd in Lucknow, last date when registration will be closed, not fixed.
For better future- students hurry up!

Register By Visiting Our Branch Office:

#401 A, 4th Floor,
Lekhraj Khazana
Faizabad Road , Indira Nagar,
Lucknow – 226016
uttar pradesh
Contact: 91-9258017974, 0522-6590802

Summer Training 2014

What is Summer Training & it’s importance?

Summer training is the most important curriculum for the B.Tech/MCA/ B.E professionals during their course of graduation while pursuing their B.Tech program. The importance of summer training program is tremendous because all the good companies will assess and judge the candidate on the basis of summer and industrial training only. Fresh B.Tech pass outs do not hold practical experience to the extent which company expects from them. So the first parameter by which a student is judged by the company during his placement is how much technical knowledge he gathers? To what level his fundamental concepts are clear? There lies the significance of 4/6 weeks summer training and 6 months industrial training program for B.Tech and MCA professionals.

How we conduct our Summer Training Program?

The motto of a good industrial training company is to provide quality oriented training and to build a life-long relationship with the students. Moreover students should always go for such type of training organizations which is existing in the market for not less than 5 Yrs and also serving in the software and embedded development domain. At CETPA, we always make sure that the students receive the best out of the training and their skills are enhanced after going through our training program.

We conduct summer training in different batches and we have provisions for both the students and working professionals. We conduct training in week days as well as weekend batches as we are open on all the 7 days in a week. The students can get enrolled in the morning or afternoon or evening batch according to his or her own conveniences. The classes start from 8am in the morning and will end till 8 pm in the evening.  We provide different kinds of monetary benefits and discounts to the students during our summer training like EARLY REGISTRATION DISCOUNTS, DUAL COURSE DISCOUNT, REFERRAL DISCOUNT, WORKSHOP DISCOUNT etc. Students get separate certificates for their project work as well as training on any particular technology.

Reaction of the students about the course curriculum and trainers

Most of the students feel very proud to be associated with CETPA for their summer training and 6 months industrial training program.  For them implied and application oriented knowledge is extremely useful and CETPA provides a good platform for it. According to them choosing CETPA is the best decision because it combines virtues, knowledge and creativity. Most of the trainers are very experienced and have worked in the corporate sector. They have vast working experience in MNCs, Mobile application development sector, software development and core electronic domain. Many of them have migrated into training domain because of their interest into education industry.

The students are fully satisfied with the trainers as the trainers give maximum attention to the students to listen their queries, solve their problems and issues. The trainers make an honest effort to identify the root cause of weakness of the students so that they can convert their weakness into strengths. Moreover the strongest factor for the fresh B.Tech engineers and MCA professionals is the campus placement. CETPA is proud and confident to boast about it’s placement division which has placed students to many reputed MNC like Fiserv, Sony India, Multivirt, Intelligrape, EI Softwares, Deepraj software etc. This is just a few and list is on going.

Students want to be assured about their placement assistance because it decides the course of their future. Apart from providing training into technical domain CETPA also provides personality development trainings for the students.

Join CETPA INFOTECH PVT. LTD the best industrial training company in Northern India with branches at Noida, Roorkee, Lucknow and  Dehradun for a fruitful summer training 2014 program.


B.Tech or Engineering is still one of the most demanding and prospective options for the students after their completion of schooling. But competition is becoming tougher day by day. Getting admission into a reputed college is the dream for maximum students which does not get fulfilled due to shortage of marks in the 12th standard or entrance exams. Therefore landing up a dream destination job becomes difficult for the students.

Companies are searching for candidates who are creative, technically sharp with analytical bent of mind. That is why the fresher or budding B.E/B.Tech Engineers or MCA graduates face huge problem when they are applying for jobs after finishing their college.

How to combat this problem & what is the solution in such a scenario?

Obviously reputed and established software firms and organizations have nothing to do with the marks and grades of the students. Certainly marks are important because it sets eligibility criteria for most of the students. But to crack an interview what matters……………………………technical and aptitude skill. In this context it is very significant to mention about summer industrial training.

  • Summer training provides you with an in-depth knowledge of the function in your field.
  • Industrial Exposure that you gather during summer training creates a 360 degree change in your attitude and enhances your technical skills that clearly differentiate you over others at the time of the interview.
  • Helps you to understand your area of interest and choose the right specialization for yourself.
  • In an industrial environment you learn to solve the problem, learn things quickly, work in a team, practical oriented learning and hence you will have a greater level of success in the long run.
  • Demonstrations, workshops are given on the latest technologies and its practices being followed in the industry.
  • Globally accepted certifications.
  • Interaction and sharing your thoughts with the software engineer trainers, software developer trainers and corporate trainers.
  • Most of the reputed software and IT firms are coming at the “Industrial Training Organizations” for hiring fresh B.E/ B.Tech/MCA candidates. This is because companies are least interested to invest on training of the candidate. They want technically strong and sharp candidate who can produce maximum output from day One. Best Industrial training organization increases the chance of getting cream candidates.
  • Summer training certification helps you to get noticed by leading companies provided you have really gained some practical industrial knowledge.
  • Working on projects again is very important as it gets noticed by maximum employers during the time of job interview.
  • Sometimes if the students perform very well during their summer training then they get immediately hired by the company in which they are pursuing their training after the completion of their summer training.

Thus it clearly demarcates the factors like what opportunities, platforms, benefits you will be missing if you do not pursue your summer training from a reputed training company and take your training seriously. So without wasting much time get enrolled for the summer training program 2013 and give your career a boost.

Importance of Summer Training Programs

Summer Training in LucknowSummer training for B.Tech students, the most important curriculum for the Engineering students is ringing the bell at the door step. This is going to be the first and foremost exposure for the students to have a practical and job oriented training program. So students should put their maximum and best effort to grab as much as practical knowledge as they can. The summer training exposure gained by the students and the knowledge gathered is definitely one of the favorite questions asked by the employers during the interviews.

Every budding B.E/B.TECH/MCA Engineer dream and aspire to become a successful professional. Without hard work and sincerity it is not possible to achieve success. You need to cherish your dreams and visions as they are the children of your soul and the blueprints of your ultimate achievements. Students are advised to do their summer trainings from Cities like Noida, Roorkee, Dehradun, and Lucknow as these cities are considered to be the technical hub. Lot of industries are situated in these regions. Lucknow is one of the best places to enroll for summer training programs.

One more important thing is join summer training programs for learning and not just for the sake of getting certificates. Try to understand and analyze the importance of summer training. Your motto should not be just to get a certificate just because it is mandatory for completion of your graduation. You need to strategically align your theoretical classroom knowledge with practical orientation and industry oriented approach.

Summer Training in Lucknow Cetpa infotechYou should concentrate on learning the updated versions of cutting edge technologies and pay maximum attention on doing your projects which is compulsory for the summer training course curriculum. There is a basic and fundamental difference between learning and training. Training imparts skills, attitude and practical knowledge for direct application to a task or job. Learning is the process of acquiring knowledge through theoretical teaching or studying. Summer Training for B.E/B.Tech students increases knowledge, skills for doing a particular job. It bridges the gap between the desired and actual knowledge, skills and behavior required to carry out a job. Summer training is job oriented and vocational in nature.

It is again a tough decision and judgment to choose the best training organization among the country. There are many fake organizations also which are squeezing and charging a lump sum amount for training from the candidate without any output. There is a need to research the best training organization. Market Research is very necessary. Also it must be ensured whether the certificates are globally acceptable or not? One needs to do a lot of permutations and combinations before opting for summer or 6 months industrial training from a reputed training organization.

So it is an advice from experts that without wasting any more time please register your seats for summer training. You will be availing a number of facilities like group discounts, referral discounts, dual course discounts etc. by doing early registration for your summer training.