B.Tech or Engineering is still one of the most demanding and prospective options for the students after their completion of schooling. But competition is becoming tougher day by day. Getting admission into a reputed college is the dream for maximum students which does not get fulfilled due to shortage of marks in the 12th standard or entrance exams. Therefore landing up a dream destination job becomes difficult for the students.

Companies are searching for candidates who are creative, technically sharp with analytical bent of mind. That is why the fresher or budding B.E/B.Tech Engineers or MCA graduates face huge problem when they are applying for jobs after finishing their college.

How to combat this problem & what is the solution in such a scenario?

Obviously reputed and established software firms and organizations have nothing to do with the marks and grades of the students. Certainly marks are important because it sets eligibility criteria for most of the students. But to crack an interview what matters……………………………technical and aptitude skill. In this context it is very significant to mention about summer industrial training.

  • Summer training provides you with an in-depth knowledge of the function in your field.
  • Industrial Exposure that you gather during summer training creates a 360 degree change in your attitude and enhances your technical skills that clearly differentiate you over others at the time of the interview.
  • Helps you to understand your area of interest and choose the right specialization for yourself.
  • In an industrial environment you learn to solve the problem, learn things quickly, work in a team, practical oriented learning and hence you will have a greater level of success in the long run.
  • Demonstrations, workshops are given on the latest technologies and its practices being followed in the industry.
  • Globally accepted certifications.
  • Interaction and sharing your thoughts with the software engineer trainers, software developer trainers and corporate trainers.
  • Most of the reputed software and IT firms are coming at the “Industrial Training Organizations” for hiring fresh B.E/ B.Tech/MCA candidates. This is because companies are least interested to invest on training of the candidate. They want technically strong and sharp candidate who can produce maximum output from day One. Best Industrial training organization increases the chance of getting cream candidates.
  • Summer training certification helps you to get noticed by leading companies provided you have really gained some practical industrial knowledge.
  • Working on projects again is very important as it gets noticed by maximum employers during the time of job interview.
  • Sometimes if the students perform very well during their summer training then they get immediately hired by the company in which they are pursuing their training after the completion of their summer training.

Thus it clearly demarcates the factors like what opportunities, platforms, benefits you will be missing if you do not pursue your summer training from a reputed training company and take your training seriously. So without wasting much time get enrolled for the summer training program 2013 and give your career a boost.


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